4 Reasons To Hire A Professional—Not An Employee

When you hire someone to come into your house to clean your windows, you want to have the most qualified person for the job.


In the Coachella Valley, there is a huge glut of service companies vying for your business. Most companies will dispatch an employee or a subcontractor that is getting paid a meager compensation to clean your windows. They will care about the quality of the job they do, but to a limited degree.

When you hire me, you get quality and dependability. I can beat a bigger company at every turn. The first reason being…

1. I’ll Show Up On Time



Unlike a larger window washing company, there are fewer moving parts with the business logistics of Dimond Window Washing. With me, you’re dealing with just one person as opposed to the multiple people in a larger firm. This simplicity requires less communication and between parties and causes fewer “mix-ups.”

If for whatever reason I’m unable to make our appointment at the specified time, you won’t be left wondering where I’m at. I respect every client’s time and strive to be punctual. If something does come up, I make sure to communicate as soon as possible the delay.

2. I’m Experienced and Insured

Most large companies are insured, but things can get dicey if that company is using independent contractors to do all the work. If that is the case, (which it frequently is) the subcontractor is likely on the hook for any damages he incurs. That’s fine if that independent contractor is insured, but if he isn’t there is no guarantee the company you originally called will cover the cost.

With me, you get experience and accountability. The likelihood that I’ll damage your property is slim; I’ve cleaned hundreds of different houses in both Southern California and Western Michigan with no incidents. But if I do, I’m more than willing to make it right. 

I can provide proof of insurance on request as well as references from past clients.

3. I’ll Use The Correct Equipment


Regardless of the job, I will always have the right tool for it.

Some subcontractors will use consumer model pressure washers, just because they are cheap, but may or may not be able to remove everything it needs to. I use a commercial grade pressure washer that can effectively tackle any job quickly.

When washing windows, I only use ammonia free cleaners specifically designed for squeegees. It doesn’t hurt window tinting and smells quite nice! Other window cleaners might just opt to use Dawn dish soap. While it won’t damage anything, I personally don’t think it gives windows the shine they deserve.

When I’m inside your house, I always use shoe coverings and drop clothes. I will make sure I’m not tracking inside or leaving any ladder marks on your paint.

4. I Have Competitive Rates

Large window cleaning companies are hampered by higher overhead than me. Between needing to employ their window cleaners and provide them vans or trucks, they also (by necessity) have things like office space, office personnel, advertising costs, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. I only have to budget for a fraction of those things because my operation is so much smaller.

It’s true, I also have vehicle, advertising, and insurance costs. But! Because I’m only filling the schedule of one man in the field, (you know…me) I’m much more efficient with my overhead. Additionally, I don’t have a dedicated office that I need to pay for every month or any office personnel. These savings are passed on to you, the customer.

Don’t settle for unreliable employees to clean your windows, get personal and professional service! All my services are 11% off through April 28th! Quotes are ALWAYS free!

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